Friday, March 30, 2012

Style Social - A Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Series [Part 1]

image via designlovefest
Blog enthusiast? DIY obsessed? Creativity junky? If any of these apply to you then The Style Social Series is the place for you. The geniuses over at The Americana at Brand have put together a series of events to fulfill your thirst for style and design inspiration. The first event in the series was a DIY event held at Anthropologie. It was hosted by graphic designer Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest and Jen Gotch photographer and co-owner of Bando. My friend Josefa and I were among the guests excitedly making inspiration strings at tables loaded up with glitter, markers, stamps, stickers, neon string and more.
An inspiration string is what you get when you combine an inspiration board with a garland. Instead of pinning your collage of inspirations to a board you attach them to a string that can be hung anywhere - what a fun idea! One of the many bits of creative inspiration I took away was the idea of adding gold confetti inside balloons before blowing them up. I just love how it sprinkles around inside and adds an extra playfulness.
If you don’t already know about the blog DesignLoveFest,it’s one of my favorite places for a creative high, and certainly lives up to its name. As there mantra reads, it’s a place “where type and images totally make out.” And “totally make out”they do - in the most imaginative way possible. I told Bri she has my dream job and her response, “Which one, I have so many?” says it all. “I can’t decide so I do them all”, she added. If that doesn’t prove how she’s just gushing with creative talent then her blog sure does. Everyday I'm rushing over to see her latest masterpiece - make sure to check out her blog!
Jen's company Bando took the handmade accessory world by storm with their gorgeous flower pins, sequined hearts, and encrusted headbands - just to name a few. Since debuting in 2008 their whimsical and girly take on accessories has been popping up everywhere – from celebrities, to brides and babies. Bando designs jazz up any look - check 'em out!
image via The Americana at Brand
I would love to hear your thoughts on this event if you were able the attend or would’ve liked to. I’m so excited about the next events in series and can’t wait to share about the second event as well –stay tuned for Part 2! Are you looking forward to attending the next two events in the series? Let me know!