Monday, April 30, 2012

Pictures of My Weekend via Instagram

As you can probably figure, I'm obsessed with Instagram. Are you? Please enjoy a few images from my weekend (weekdays too) & have a great week!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Inspiring Ideas - Adore with Delight

I'm so excited to share a recent discovery that I believe will help inspire a lot of you brides-to-be out there! It's a website called, Adore with Delight and I must admit it is an adorable idea. They take the most gorgeous wedding photographs and create custom color palettes based on the colors featured in the images. I know that may brides will find this site helpful since choosing colors is a vital part of wedding planning. It can be overwhelming at times trying to pick the best color scheme, especially with so many beautiful images available everywhere. Adore with Delight handpicks some of the most beautiful images from some of the most talented photographers around. Plus their color swatches are available for download which is so helpful for brides who want to use the exact hues for their big day - told you they were clever! Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think about this brilliant idea!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bridal Makeup - Lowena Ibera

Iam so excited to share these beautiful images with you! This wedding was a veryspecial occasion, not just the bride and everyone involved, but it is alsomarked as one of my professional milestones. Lowena is the lucky bride who wonmy raffle back in 2010 when I participated in the Bellisima Bride Bridal Show.  I will always look back at her wedding day asone that I feel quite proud of myself for pulling off without a glitch. Thewedding party was my largest to date with 9 people being made over for myearliest start time on record – 5:30 a.m. I left my house at 4:30 pick up my assistant and drive about 45 minutes to the hotel where everyonewas getting ready.  All the bridal partymembers were so much fun to work with and best of all punctual. We were able toget started right on time and end at the  planned time as well. Needlessto say, when the last face was powdered and everyone was out the door I feltquite accomplished and relieved that everything went so smoothly - whew!

Lowena and her bridal party!
What beautiful bride! 
The groomsman wanted to get pampered too - yep I touched him up as well!
Her gorgeous hair was styled by Angela Byrd!
Awe, a mother daughter moment!

Images by Nelwin Ny

Monday, April 23, 2012

Loving - Physicians Formula phMatchmaker lip gloss

image by Fashionably Wed via
Remember the popular mood lipstick of the late 80s? What  about the mood ring? Well, Physicians Formula pHMatchmaker lip gloss has brought back the trend of mood adjusting lip color but with a modern approach. I happened to find this amazing product while on a quest for the perfect fuchsia high shine gloss. I ended up finding the perfect color and even more! What makes this product so unique is how it contains, as their site explains, "Fluorescein Based Dye [which] senses the pH level of your skin & adjusts within 60 seconds to create your perfect shade." How cool is that! The color will look different of everyone plus I also noticed that the color remains like a lip stain, even after the gloss has worn off. It also has a built in mirror and LED light for easy touch ups. I'm loving this product and you will too - give it a try!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Feature Friday - Sandra P Photography

Today for Feature Friday, I will be showcasing a fresh young photographer named Sandra Pan. Her company, Sandra P Photography, has been keeping her on her toes for about 9 years. Please enjoy a little peak at her work and some thoughts about her love for photography. 
 What is the inspires your work?  Love...I think simply put, love is the inspiration. I love to capture weddings particularly because I get to see so much love in the room. It always amazes me that every couple I have shot I can't help but think these two people were meant for one another.  
 What advice would you give to a bride looking for a wedding photographer?  I know that often budget is a concern but I would say never negotiate quality work because of budget. Spend that extra money to afford a better photographer. You want to pay more for good images and not save money for bad images. 
Share the details behind one of the most unforgettable wedding moments you have captured. One of my most memorable weddings was Kristin and Joe's wedding at McCormick Ranch. It was so beautifully done and the couple was a joy to be around. There was so much love between them. I especially love this image shown because of Joe's unscripted look on his face as they showered them with lavender leaving the church. And the joy on Kristin's face is just unforgettable.  
What do you love most about working with brides?  I become friends with them! And I have been very blessed to have worked with amazing ladies! 
What is your favorite aspect of shooting weddings?  I love listening to the vows, I almost always get teary eyed. I love capturing and sharing the love story between two people. It's such a huge responsibility and yet so fulfilling.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Style Social - A Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Series [Part 4]

Whelp, that’s it my Thursday evenings just went from fun and exciting to boring and routine. Why the sudden shift? Because as all good things do, The Style Social Series produced by The Americana at Brand, has come to an end. The little treat I had to look forward to on Thursday nights is no more.  The series which featured, four blogger hosted events at four different stores, was a thrill to attend every week. The final event of the series was hosted at Kate Spade, by another one of my favorite bloggers, Joy Deangdeelert Cho. I love her design sensibility and the delectable food discoveries she features on her blog, Oh Joy!. If you want to know where to eat in LA then she’s your girl! Unlike the previous DIY events I’ve shared about here & here, the focus was on Joy’s entertainment tips, mingling, snacking and of course shopping. The bright and colorful Kate Spade store really gets you in the mood for spring and summer plus everything is so cute. It was hard to resist taking a picture of everything in sight!
Please chime in if you attended or simply enjoyed the photos! I always loving hearing from you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding Nails - Ideas via Pinterest

I am addicted to Pinterest just like you, that's right, I know you're hooked! I can sit for hours staring at all the beautiful and inspiring style images alone and don't get me started on the recipes. I've been spending too much of my free time pinning away by the hundreds all of the informative tips and tricks, but I just can't help myself. The nail art photos are constantly grabbing my attention so naturally I thought sharing some wedding nail ideas with you would be perfect. Check out the catergories I've put together below. I've been gathering images for all types of nail designs. From the classic French Tip to the not so conventional glamour of glitter nails. I'm sure there is something here for everyone. Hopefully these will help you get inspired and organize your thoughts about what to wear on your big day!

Red nails sure add a bit of sass to a bride's look, don't they?

One of my favorite trends right now is an accent nail, one each hand, perfect for the bride who wants a little glam but doesn't want to overdo it.

For the brides that prefer anything but the traditional, modest and conventional, it's glitter all the way!

Although I typically love to experiment with lots of color when it comes to my nails but honestly a chic nude just never seems to get old!

 You can't go wrong with a classy  French Tip but maybe try it with a twist - how about a gradient affect?

Are you on Pinterest? I would love for you follow my pins and see the many fabulous wedding images I'm collecting.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pictures of My Weekend via Instagram

To say that I am obsessed with Instagram (follow me!) is an understatement. It's the coolest picture app out there! I love taking pictures with my iPhone so naturally I was immediately hooked. Here are some images I loaded onto Instagram this weekend.

Driving down the 405  and couldn't help but admire the huge clouds in the sky!

My consultation setup this weekend at the, oh so pretty, Shannon Hair!

Favorite lip gloss, lights up and has a built in mirror, beat that!

 Spilled an entire pigment in my train case, what a bummer!

 Accent nail manicure with a tiny arm party!

Discovered the app LensLight and got a little light happy!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inspiring Ideas - Makeup & Style Books

images via Google
I love learning from the pros and getting inspiration from the beautiful images in makeup and style books, especially when having a consultation with brides. I often use these types of books for inspiration in combination with bridal magazines. They typically have high quality photos that can spark any bride’s creative imagination. Because there are so many available it can be a bit overwhelming trying to find the right book for your needs. One of the ways I narrow down the options is by determining if the artist and I have a similar design aesthetic or one that I admire. I also base my decision on whether or not the material in the book is trendy or classic. These books can be expensive so I'd rather not spend money on something that will not be useful in years to come. Another aspect to keep in mind is the purpose of purchasing the book in the first place. For example, if you are looking for a practical guide book then choosing one with lots of impractical high-fashion shots and skimpy text isn't a good idea. A step by step book like How to Have Style is more fitting. However, if you are looking for something with creatively inspiring photos then a big image heavy hardback is what you need. For that I’d recommend something like Making Faces. Take a look at the list have compiled of some of my favorite makeup and style books. I hope it can help guide you in finding some inspiration or practical tips.
images via Google
1. Making Faces & Face Forward by Kevyn Aucoin

2. Makeup Manual by Bobbi Brown
3.The One Hundred & Nina’s Look Book by Nina Garcia
4. About Face by Scott Barnes
5. How to Have Style by Isaac Mizrahi
6. Makeup Your Mind by Francois Nars
7. The Ellements of Personal Style by Joe Zee & Maggie Bullock
8. The Satorialist by Scott Schuman

9. The Basics of Beauty by Sam Fine
(All can be found on Amazon)
Do you have any favorite makeup and style book? Please share!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Table Mountain Proposal

 The saying is true, a picture is worth a thousand words but in this case a thousand emotions is more like it!
I snapped this photo while on vacation in Cape Town, South Africa. My husband and I were on top of Table Mountain taking in this spectacular view over looking the city. The gentleman you see above offered to take our picture first and asked if we could return the favor. Since we were both couples on vacation alone it was perfect. After he graciously took a couple photos of us, my husband began snapping their shots and low and behold, as you can see from the image, he popped the Big Question. I just love a surprise proposal don't you? I thought it was so cute that before bending down he said to my husband, "Okay, you're going to want be sure to get this mate. This is a big one!" in his proper British accent. We had no idea what he meant and neither did his love. He then proceeded to get down on one knee and she was as shocked and teary as any girl in love would be. All of the surrounding onlookers began to applaud and congratulate them as they came down from the rocks. We never get tired of sharing this fun memory from our trip. I'm so happy that I was able to share it with you - thanks for reading!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Pictures of my weekend

Hope you enjoy a few images I shot over the weekend. I love taking phots with my iPhone and posting to Instagram (username tiffany_fashionablywed) - follow me if you'd like!

Cool edit of a shot I snapped at Malibu.
Dolphin sighting at Malibu.
 Sequins on the beach
Louis Vuitton window display
Birthday balloons
Birthday girl
Rocking my first JEWELMINT piece

Bridal Inspiration - Wedding Fragrance Ideas

Wedding Fragrance Ideas
Isn't it amazing how scents have the ability to, in a whiff, transport you to
a specific time and place in your life? How many times have you smelled
something and thought, "this reminds me of...?" Just imagine how wonderful
it would be to have a fragrance that reminds you of your wedding day.
I have compiled a list of classic fragrances as varied as the personalities
of brides themselves. I hope you will be inspired to reminisce about the
scent of your special day or think ahead to what you would like to smell like
when you become a bride.

What perfume did you wear on your wedding day? I wore Micheal by
Micheal Kors which has become my signature smell. What's yours?