Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Style Social - A Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Series [Part 2]

After having a blast at the first event in the Style Social Series the second couldn't come fast enough. This time around we met up at Urban Outfitters. We were hosted by bloggers Lauren Kolodny and Erica Chan Coffman of Honestly WTF along with jewelry designer Amanda Spencer of LUV AJ. On the agenda were two DIY projects - a market bag and one of two jewelry projects.
Urban Outfitters window, Americana fountain & U. O. sunnies
The Honestly girls led the way in showing us how to make a market bag out of a T-shirt. Like most of the DIYs that appear on their blog this project was simple, chic and fashionable. Plus, the only materials we needed were a T-shirt, scissors and a safety pin. I adore the Honestly WTF blog because it's filled with gorgeous images of on trend fashion, dreamy architecture, stylish DIY's and tons more - highly recommend it! After meeting the friendly and charming girls behind the blog I can't help but love it even more.
Lauren, me & Erica with my DIY market bag
Over at the LUV AJ table we were lucky enough to choose from one of the two generous kits - a handpiece or a bodychain. The handpiece is a bracelet with chains attached that wrap around your middle finger and the bodychain is a long necklace with chains that drape across the upper body from front to back. The jewelry project was not as easy as the market bag but Amanda and her staff were eagerly available to offer a hand where needed. I love the way my handpiece turned out – can’t wait to wear it! LUV AJ designs mixes tough and chunky metals with clean lines creating just the right blend of hard and soft with a modern influence. It’s no wonder her pieces are worn by so many celebrities, trendsetters and appear in top magazines.
 LUV AJ table & my DIY handpiece
As always I would love to hear from you! Are you planning to go to the next event? I’m looking forward to the last installment hosted by the author of Oh Joy!


  1. So great Meeting you Tiffany!! Glad you had fun and thanks for the lovely post! See you at the next event xx