Monday, October 24, 2011

Beauty Inspiration - Top 10 Favorite Beauty Blogs

Since I posted my Top 10 Favorite Wedding Blogs, I only saw it fitting to share my Top 10 Favorite Beauty Blogs.  Just like in the wedding industry the beauty biz has been inundated with many beauty blogs so I have narrowed it down to some that I find the most informative. As a Makeup Artist I am always being asked tons of questions about everything beauty, from products and techniques. There is no way for one MUA to know everything about all of the new products and latest trends but with the help of beauty blogs we can continue to expand our Beauty I.Q. everyday. Checking in on my favorite blogs is one my favorite to abreast to the newly released cosmetics, skincare products, and trending techniques. These blogs can definitely be a source of inspiration for brides trying to decide on the perfect look for their big day. I hope you will check out some of the blogs on this list and boost you beauty brainpower. 

See the list after the jump!

10. Into the Gloss

Please let me know what you learn and enjoy about the blogs!

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