Friday, November 4, 2011

Feature Friday with Amour Bijou

image by Oz Wroe
It's Feature Friday time once again! If you have noticed I've collaborated with my friend Josefa Ciccarelli on many projects over the years and they have all been amazingly fun. She has a contagious enthusiasm and drive when she is undertaking projects. With even more passion and inspiration she created her accessory line, Amour Bijou, in 2008. I hope you enjoy her beautiful creations and the small glimpse at what inspires her designs. 
How would you describe your design style?
I am a designer of two extremes. I love the vintage old world look, but I also love the fun and whimsical look; always with a touch of sparkle! I love to create pieces that are made with high quality materials that my customer would want to wear over and over again. 
image by Oz Wroe
What inspires your designs?
I definitely pull inspiration from travel and nature. There is so much beauty and history in the world. When I walk around the old neighborhoods of Italy or Paris it inspires my vintage and romantic designs. When I walk into Dylan's Candy Shop in New York it inspires my fun and whimsical designs. I always look forward to traveling to a new place because I know I will come back full of ideas and excited to work on new projects. 
image by Oz Wroe
image Oz Wroe
What tips do you have for brides looking for the perfect accessory?
Make sure to pick something out that you LOVE and says "YOU". Think about what kind of look you want to go for and never settle for anything less then what you envision. Whether it's traditional or not you don't want to buy something you are going to look at 20 years from now and say, "what in the world was I thinking". 
image by Oz Wroe
image by Oz Wroe
What do you love most about designing accessories for brides?
Talking to brides about their wedding day! I am obsessed with weddings, so I love hearing about all the little details of their special day. What their theme is, what colors they are using, where they are having the wedding and so on. And to take their inspiration and be able to create something for them that they love and will feel beautiful and confident wearing. It is truly a rewarding experience.
image by Gloria Mesa
What is your favorite accessory from your line thus far?
I would have to say my silk organza flower with Swarovski crystal center. I just love the way it looks on brides. The soft and delicate layers of organza mixed with the gorgeous sparkle say "love" to me. And that's what a wedding is all about! 
image by Qz Wroe


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